About the Conference

A National Conference on Wind Tunnel Testing (NCWT-06) is going to be organized by the National Wind Tunnel Facility, IIT Kanpur during February 14-15, 2020.
Objective of the conference is to bring together professionals from large scale wind tunnel facilities in the country and the tunnel users from the industry, R&D labs and academia to share the advances in test techniques and practices.
NCWT-06 is also intended to provide a national forum to discuss strategies towards sustained developmental activities in wind tunnel techniques, experimental data generation and research & development in aerodynamics.


The National Wind Tunnel Facility (NWTF) at IIT Kanpur is a closed circuit low speed wind tunnel with a test section size of 3m x 2.25m. This tunnel is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. It was established at IIT Kanpur as a National Facility to meet the national needs in the areas of aeronautical and non-aeronautical related R & D works.
The facility is available for experimental studies and developmental activities for applications in aerospace & defence industries, civil engineering design industry, automotive industry, air pollutant dispersion studies, and wind engineering.
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Organized by

National Wind Tunnel Facility
Indian Institite of Technology Kanpur