Undergraduate courses

  • Transportation Engineering [CE382A]
  • Transportation Facilities Design [CE481A]

Postgraduate courses

  • Traffic engineering [CE683A]
  • Analysis and design of bituminous pavements [CE786A]
  • Computational tools for transportation engineering [CE787A]
  • Laboratory course in transportation engineering [CE780A]
  • Machine learning and data analytics for Civil Engineering applications [CE784A]
  • Transportation network analysis [CE789A]
  • Transportation infrastructure management [CE788A] (modular)
  • Traffic simulation [CE781] (modular)
  • Urban transportation [CE685A] (modular)
  • Introduction to road safety modeling [CE775A] (modular)
  • Pavement materials [CE785A] (modular)
  • Analysis of concrete pavement [CE783A] (modular)