The various substation automation software applications will provide monitoring through human machine interface (HMI) and also provide valuable information for overall feeder load profiles, fault location applications, and protection functions. The substation will be equipped with distributed control system using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other controllers for quick control operations. The field devices will support IEC61850 protocol for communicating to the substation. To monitor and control various operations, smart grid substation will communicate over IEC61850 protocol. Most of the DMS applications will be modular in nature so that any future expansion of the application is possible.


SCADA/DMS application will receive data from various sources such as RTUs, IEDs, and also directly from substation. Its implementation will contain various software applications required for the control centre operation. Few of them are as follows:

  • Data acquisition application
  • Control application
  • HMI display application
  • State estimation
  • Load forecasting
  • Reconfiguration application
  • Fault detection isolation and restoration
  • SCADA system is installed in the substation of IIT Kanpur which has the coverage of all 11 Subsbtations (1 Main Substation and 10 other substations)
  • The load of IITK campus is approximately 9.2 MW
  • SCADA system are being used for constinuosly monitoring the status of all the substation HT feeders and LT feeders are to be covered now.
  • SCADA system is used to identify the type fault identification, for identification of fault location, for the reconfiguration of feeders to provide the power using alternate route available for power distribution, etc.


33 kV / 11 kV

1 - main substation

11 kV / 0.415 kV

10 - other substations


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