Measurement Capabilities

Model Attitude

  • Sting support Motion Control

               Roll ,Pitch ,Yaw(0.01') and Y&Z motion(~0.1 °)
               Step and continuous movements
               On model pitch,roll and yaw sensors

  • Turntable Motion Control

               Siemens Servo-controlled drive
               Dual synchronized motion

Pressure Measurement

  • PSI scanners with 10",20" WC ,2.5 psi ,5.0psi 10 psi range and + 0.05% FS accuracy
  • Discrete Surface Mount Sensors

Force Measurement

  • Six Component Strain Gauge Balance
  • Load Cells

Turbulence Measurement

  • DANTEC Streamline CTA system
  • Hotwire probes and calibrator

Data Acquistion system

  • Industry standard PXI system with Real Time Embedded  Controller
  • Network of personal computers
  • Virtual Instrumentation (Lab VIEW) Application Software
  • Data Acquistion System With Intigrated Motion Control


  • RTD & Solid State Temprature sensors

Noise Measurement

  • B&K Microphone Sensors and Amplifier

3D PIV-System

  • Velocity field measurement
  • 200 mj,dual pulse yag laser
  • Nikkon make 4MP PIV cameras
  • High speed frame grabber

Flow Visualization System

  • Light sheet generation using 6W Ar-Ion laser
  • Monitoring and recording system
  • PIV System
  • Surface Flow Visualization using Tuft Technique
  • Surface Flow Visualization - using oil


  • Full-model testing with sting support system
  • Two-dimensional model testing using turntables
  • Ground effect simulation with moving belt
  • ABL simulation for non-aerospace application