Important Dates


Paper Submission Deadline: 14th Feb 2021
28th Feb 2021
07th Mar 2021 (Final deadline)
Notification of acceptance: 10th May 2021
Final Manuscript Due: 25th May - 15th June 2021






















Online Access


Access to the conference portal requires registration. If you want to register, please drop an email to ncc2021[AT] and we will get back to you.


The online portal will open on July 27th at 7am. Please find below your login details to attend NCC2021.

Login URL:

Login Id: Your Registered email id. Please see this file to find out the email address registered with us.

Please note the instructions/guidelines to join the conference.

  1. Please login, preferably using a laptop/desktop with good Wi-Fi internet connectivity. You can login using your mobile phone having a good 4G internet connection.
  2. Please note that only one device will be logged in at a time.
  3. On entering the web portal, you can access all areas as per your choice from the below buttons available on the virtual platform:
    1. Technical Halls (Auditorium, Hall-A, Hall-B): where sessions will be held
    2. Exhibition Hall: where you can learn more about our sponsors
    3. E-Resource Centre: where you will find the program schedule
    4. Networking Lounge: where you can visit theme-based chatrooms and do text or video chat with other participants.
    5. Help Desk: where you can chat with online platform provider’s representatives for any query regarding the platform
    6. Previous sessions: where you can find the recordings of the previous day sessions
  4. To ask the speaker questions, you will have to text your question in a Q&A box in your sessions. (Q & A box you will find below the stage or in one Hall in the middle row of seats. It is difficult to miss it!!). The chair will pick the questions and will ask the speaker to answer them.


For any technical issues, you may contact:

Mr. Aditya Chaudhary +91-8802552236
Mr. Arpit +91-8602296396

For any conference-related questions, please get in touch with us at ncc2021i[AT]

  • List of registered participants can be found here.
  • Participants who have paid the fees but not filled the Google form are listed here. These participants should send an email to ncc2021[AT] and attach proof of payment so that their email ids can be associated with their payments.