EE670A: Wireless Communications


Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham,
MWN Lab,
EE Department,
IIT Kanpur
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First Course Handout (FCH)

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Course Timings

Monday           12:00 PM - 13:15 PM

Thursday         12:00 PM - 13:15 PM


L - 14

Course TAs

  Priyanka Maity                
  Pankaj Kumar                  
  Saurabh Singh                 
  Shanmugha Nadha Reddy
  Surya Prakash Yadav     
  Sushanth Varma             
  Varsha Dubey                 
  Saurabh Sharma            


  • Assignment#0: (Deadline: 13th August, Saturday ) 
  • Assignment#1: (Deadline: 29th August, Monday ) 
  • Assignment#2: (Deadline: 14th September, Wednesday ) 
  • Assignment#3: (Deadline: 26th October, Wednesday ) 
  • Assignment#4: (No need to submit) 
  • MATLAB Assignments

    PYTHON Assignments

    Detailed stepwise procedure to install ANACONDA Spyder for free on windows platform can be found in document below
    Installation document

    Once Spyder IDE is running, please run this TEST CODE to make sure your installation is working as expected.
    The SCREEN SHOT of plot is here

  • PYTHON Assignment#0: (Deadline: 17th August, Wednesday) 
  • PYTHON Assignment#1: (Deadline: 31st August, Wednesday) 
  • PYTHON Assignment#2: (Deadline: 30th September, Friday) 
  • PYTHON Assignment#3: (Deadline: 29th October, Saturday) 
  • PYTHON Assignment#4 : (No need to submit) 
  • Videos of related (MOOCs)

    Advanced 3G and 4G Wireless Mobile Communications

    Probability and Random Variables/ Processes for Wireless Communications

    Principles of Communication Systems - Part II


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