1. Overview of 5G Wireless Technologies
  2. Key Parameters and Specs for 5G Networks Overview of Sub 6GHz MIMO Technology - MIMO and MU-MIMO Techniques
  3. Signal Processing, Channel Estimation, Precoder/ Combiner Design for MIMO Systems
  4. Overview of Massive MIMO Technology for 5G
  5. Comparison of Massive MIMO with Point-to-Point and MU-MIMO
  6. Signal Processing Architectures for Massive MIMO
  7. Channel Modeling for Massive MIMO Large/ Small Scale Fading
  8. Transmitter/ Receiver Design, Spectral Efficiency Analysis for Massive MIMO Systems, Asymptotic User Channel Orthogonality
  9. Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO Systems and Imperfect CSI
  10. Spectral Efficiency with Imperfect CSI, User Power Scaling
  11. Multi-Cell Massive Networks, Channel Estimation and Pilot Contamination
  12. New Modulation for 5G, Spatial Modulation (SM), Space Shift Keying (SSK) and Receiver Design
  13. Generalized Spatial Modulation (GSM)
  14. Overview of mmWave MIMO Technology- Opportunities and Challenges
  15. Analog/ Digital Beamforming for mmWave MIMO
  16. Hybrid mmWave MIMO Architecture RF/ BB Precoding and Combining
  17. mmWave MIMO Channel Modeling
  18. Channel Estimation Techniques for mmWave MIMO, Optimal Channel Estimation
  19. Transceiver Design for mmWave MIMO Systems, Optimal Precoder/ Combiner Solution
  20. Overview of FBMC Technology
  21. Comparison of FBMC with OFDM and Advantages
  22. Overview of NOMA Technology
  23. Performance Comparison of NOMA with Conventional NOMA
  24. Performance Analysis of fixed NOMA for DL/ UL
  25. Performance Analysis of ordered NOMA
  26. FBMC Implementation, Pulse-Shaping and OQAM Modulation for FBMC
  27. Signal Processing and Transmit/ Receive Techniques for MIMO-FBMC
  28. Overview and Advantages of Full-Duplex Technology
  29. Self-Interference, Analog/ Digital Cancellation
  30. Overview of 5G New Radio (NR) Standard
  31. MATLAB Project on Massive MIMO, Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO and Performance for Different Receivers
  32. MATLAB Project on new Modulation Techniques for Massive MIMO Spatial Modulation (SM), Space Shift Keying (SSK), Generalized Spatial Modulation (GSM)
  33. MATLAB Project on mmWave MIMO Narrowband/ Wideband Channel Modeling, Channel Estimation Techniques
  34. MATLAB Project on Optimal Precoder/ Combiner Design for mmWave MIMO Systems, Hybrid Processing Architecture
  35. MATLAB Project on NOMA Systems, Performance Analysis Probability of Outage and Optimal Power Allocation
  36. MATLAB Project on FBMC, OQAM Modulation, Implementation of MIMO-FBMC Systems