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SOP for Clean Bench


Manufacturer: Klenzaids Bioclean Devices Ltd.

                        A21, MIDC Street 3, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400093

                        Ph: 91-22-28218921, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  1. Switch on the power supply. Switch on the HEPA filter, tube-light, UV light by pressing the appropriate switch placed at the side panel of the clean bench.
  2. Clean the clean bench after its use. Close the front panel if you are not working there.
  3. Do not leave anything that you bring in the clean bench after your work. If you need to do so, put a note there telling about your name, the date when you kept it and when will you remove it.
  4. Do not leave any solution in the beakers after your work get finished. Dispose them at the appropriate place and keep the beakers on the rack near the wash basin.
  5. Switch off everything in the clean bench after you finish your work. It includes ultrasonic cleaner and variac of spin drier.


Ultrasonic Cleaner

Manufacturer: Transonic Digital

Contact:  Siskin Instruments

                5/5 11 Cross MSREC road, MSRIT, PO Mathikela, Extn: Bangalore

                Ph: 3342908/3369560


  1. Switch on the cleaner.
  2. Set the time for required cleaning from the knob labelled as TIMER.
  3. Set the temperature from the knob labeled as TEMPERATURE. Wait till the temperature gets stabilized
  4. Start cleaning by pressing the START button. It will be operative as per the set time. If you need to finish in between, press the FINISH button.
  5. Power setting should be 100. Do not go beyond 120.


Spin Drier

  1. Put the sample in the groove of the spin drier.
  2. Switch on the variac. Red light on the variac gets on.
  3. Set the voltage on the variac. Do not go beyond 100V as it causes shaking of the clean bench.





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