SOP FOR Radiant Ferroelectric Tester:

For thin films:

1. First switch on the computer.

2. Then switch on tester (Premier Precision II). A red LED glows..

3. Open the VISION software on the computer. It shows a dialogue box that tester is connected. Press OK.

4. Connect DUT (Device Under Test) to the tester by probe station

5. Select QUICKLOOK > HYSTERESIS option from the tool bar of software.

6. A box will open. Fill the desired voltage (maximum you can put is 99V), area and thickness of your sample and also the desired measuring time. Choose the internal amplifier (for thin films) and press OK.

7. Now tester starts doing measurements and shows a dialogue box containing the message “STOP MEASUREMENT” . After some time the box will disappear and you will get the the ferroelectric plot.(In case you want to stop the measurement select “STOP MEASUREMENT”)

8. To save your data click export >text> filename> make your folder and save it. Your data will be saved in E drive of the computer.

9. Repeat step 6 to 9 for doing your further measurements.

10. TO SWITCH OFF: close VISION software then switch off the tester and take your DUT.

DONT’s: Do not touch the probe station or your device during measurements.

DO’s: Please wear slippers while performing the measurements.

Contact Person:

Rajesh katoch

Deepa Singh