SOP FOR  Impedance Annalysis:

1.      Switch on the power supply.

2.      Press line button at the bottom left of the front panel. This will display a screen saying power on in progress.

3.      Press [DISPLAY] and choose SPLIT on OFF.

4.      Press [Meas] then choose CP – G/Z-θ.

5.      Press [Sweep] then PARAMETER then DC BIAS/ FREQUENCY.

6.      Press [START] to choose starting voltage/frequency & then press [STOP] to choose stopping voltage/ frequency.

7.      Press [Cal] then FIXTURE COMPENSATION then OPEN.

8.      Now connect DUT.

9.      For Cp-G Press [source] then frequency to choose sweep frequency. Press [source] then BIAS on OFF to turn DC bias on.

10.  Press [trigger] then SINGLE.

11.  To save the data in a floppy disk, Press [save]then DATA then ASCII the enter the file name.

12.  Keep taking readings for different frequencies.

13.  When finish press [source] then BIAS MENU then BIAS ON off to turn DC bias off.

14.  Press [Preset]then [Entry off]

15.  Press bottom left line button to shut down the machine.

16.  Switch off the power supply.

17.  Remove DUT from the base plate.


1). Do not press [reset] or [entry off] button before switching off DC bias.

2). Do not disconnect the DUT without switching off DC bias.

3). Do not press/push the probe pin too hard as they may rupture the device.

When there is power failure:

·         Follow steps 14 to 17 of operation steps of CV profiling.