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The Electronic Materials Group is active in the areas of Organic Electronics, Oxide Electronics and Spintronics. We are tackling basic research problems as well as product development related projects on OLEDs, Organic Solar Cells, Oxide devices and Field Effect Transistors. We are the part of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, IIT Kanpur.The group has expertise and infrastructure for thin film deposition (chemical methods and physical vapour deposition processes) and optical, electrical and magnetic characterizations.

The Electronic Materials Group is active in the areas of

  • Organic Electronics ( OLEDs , OTFTs,OPVs)  .. [Click Here]
  • Oxide Electronics ( IGZnO Transistor)            .. [Click Here]
  • Spintronics                                                                  .. [Click Here]
  • Multiferroic Oxides                                                  .. [Click Here]
  • Molecular Electronics                                            .. [Click Here]
  • Computational Material Science                        .. [Click Here]