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As feature size in micro/nanoelectronic devices continues to decrease, researches on ultimate electronics materials (molecules) as well as molecular scale integration (MSI) are going on. Due to nanometer conjugation length of molecules, small ensembles (supramolecules) or individual molecules is centre of interest as a building block of electronic circuitry and solar energy conversion. The designing of molecular system for molecular electronics or for solar energy conversion requires a donor (D)-bridge (B)-acceptor (A) system and fundamental understanding of electron transport study through it.

Taking inspiration from natural photosynthesis process, we will design molecules having suitable redox gradient that can shed light on structural & electronics requirements for efficient, long distance “wire-like transport”.

Specific questions of our research:

1. The study and investigation of efficient D-B-A system for organic solar cell by incorporation of bio inspired molecules.

2. The study of electron transport through individual molecules, its supramolecules and across metal/molecule interface in both experimentally & theoretically.