THERMAL EVAPORATOR (Turbo pump)  E-mail

Standard Operating Procedure

1.    Initially user will find Thermal Evaporator in closed condition and vacuum.

2.    To open the chamber we have to first open the screws on chamber gate. Then slowly purge N2 into chamber. Now  chamber will automatically open.

3.    Keep your substrate into chamber now close the chamber.

4.    Open the gate valve.

5.    Power ON main supply in front of panel. Switch ON extension board, vacuum switch.

6.    Now use GUI software to control the evaporation process.

7.    Now switch ON Rotary pump. It will ask for closing the gate valve. If gate valve is not open, then first open gate valve and then proceed further. Now press start communication.

8.    When pressure is reached up to 9*10­-2 mbar, switch ON turbo molecular pump.

9.    As pressure reaches to 5*10-6 mbar, switched ON DTM and water supply.

10. Now feed DNT, ACI and TFC for respective material.


Auto Deposition Control Through Software


11. Power ON the Boat/Filament Switch only when you are ready to start the evaporation. Front panel small LEDs will indicate the power on status.

12. Set a value for Rate of Deposition on the desired DTM

13. Associate the same DTM with the source (Filament/Boat)

14. Select ‘Filament/Boat’ and click INC / DEC operation

15. Slowly and gradually raise current through Filament by INC button. Note the current reading in meter. Note Rate of Deposition on DTM.

16. When deposition strikes (value > 0), press the Auto button to activate automatic mode of operation or you can manually INC current up to desired rate.

17. The rate of deposition should reach to the desired value automatically and then stabilize. Open substrate shutter to start deposition on substrate.


Tips: However, for various reasons, rate may abruptly vary. In such cases, user may use INC / DEC command buttons to regulate quickly.


18. When the desired thickness is achieved, close the substrate shutter. Toggle AUTO mode off. Slowly decrease Filament current using DEC button. When the current is lowered to a suitable value, ‘Reset To Zero’ button may be pressed to quickly bring the current to zero.

19. Switch OFF variac and DTM.

20. After 5 minutes Close Gate Valve and switch OFF turbo molecular pump.

21. When frequency if below 400Hz, purge air from backside knob of gate valve.

22. After sometime as frequency value reaches “zero” close Rotary Pump.

23. Now switched OFF power to front panel, extension board and vacuum.

24. Finally close the water supply to DTM and electrode

25. To take evaporated substrate out of chamber please follow step 1-3.

26.  Keep chamber into vacuum after taking substrates out of the chamber.











1.    Always wear gloves while touching inside parts of the chamber

2.    Gate valve should be open before start of Rotary Pump

3.    Water supply should be open while using DTM

4.    Switch OFF Rotary Pump only when frequency reaches to “zero”.

5.    Use slippers while working with evaporator

6.    Close water supply and Switch OFF all electrical front panel  switches once evaporation is done.



1.    Don’t clean chamber with KOH or NaOH.

2.    Don’t vary current too much i.e. don’t increase/decrease current very frequently


In case of any problem with the thermal evaporator just switch OFF every thing and contact super user.





RAHUL SHARMA (9005018024)