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SOP For Spin-Coater

1.      Turn on the main switch.

2.      Switch on the rotary pump.

3.      Turn on the switch of  spin coater display.

4.      Place the substrate on the chuck.

      Note: The substrate size should be larger than the O-ring diameter. For smaller substrate, ask from the super user for smaller diameter O-ring chuck.

5.      Set the required program

·   Press Select process on display.

·   Press edit mode

·   Set the number of steps required.

·   Set the time, rpm and acceleration (using tabs and arrows buttons)

·   Press run mode  


6.      Open the nitrogen supply valve and the set the pressure 65-70 psi. Turn the vacuum on by pressing vacuum button on display.

7.      Dispense the solution/PR/Polymer on the substrate and press start.


·  While dispensing or cleaning ,Chemical should not go into the motor.

· While cleaning, first take the o-ring out from the chuck and then clean.

· Clean the instrument properly after use.


Please maintain the log-book.

Contact Details

              Asit Prakash Bajpai (9005018516)

              Sunita Mehta (9005660465)