Hot plate (two), IKA C-MAG HS7  E-mail

Instructions to use Hot Plate:

1). Switch on the “Mains”.

2). Switch ON the Hotplate by the switch located at the left side of it.

3). There are two knobs at the front panel of the Hotplate. Set the required temperature with the help of knob at left hand side. For stirrering use the other knob.

4). For switch OFF, first turn off the heater by roatating the left knob to zero,(it starts blinking HOT) and then wait for some time to cool it and then switch off the Hotplate and Mains.

DONT’s: Donot spill any solution on hotplate.

DO’s: clean the hotplate after use.

Student incharge:

Deepa Singh

Shailendra Kumar Gupta.