SOP of Glove Box


Transferring material in to Glove Box

User will find Glove Box in closed condition. If you want to take any material out of the Glove Box then follow the instruction.

0-   Purge N2 into antechamber 3 times

1-   Open outer door of antechamber

2-   Transfer material in to antechamber

3-   Close the outer door

4-   Evacuate antechamber up to < .5 mbar.

5-   Refill antechamber with box gas (N2).

6-   Repeat evacuating and refilling at least 4 times.

7-   Open inner box door and transfer material in to box.

8-   Close the inner door tightly.

9-   Evacuate antechamber up to < .5 mbar.



1- Never open box and antechamber doors simultaneously.

2- An evacuated chamber can not be opened.

3- Never open a box door of antechamber filled with ambient atmosphere.

CAUTION- If you transfer material with enclosed gaseous volume in to box. The material should be able to withstand the pressure difference during the antechamber purge process (evacuation and refilling cycles).

If possible, open up any seals to enclosed gaseous volume – e.g. lids of bottles so that the enclosed gases will also be exchanged during the pump/fill cycle.


Transferring Material Out of the Box


0-   Refill antechamber with box gas (N2).

1-   Repeat evacuating and refilling at least 3 times.

2-   When antechamber is filled with box gas and outer door closed, open inner door.

3-   Pull out sliding tray. Keep material on tray then slide the tray together with the material in to antechamber.

4-   Then close the inner antechamber door tightly.

5-   Now open outer door

6-   Take your material out from outer door of antechamber.

7-   Close outer door and evacuate it up to < .5 mbar.


NOTE- After having the outer antechamber door opened .it is recommended that at least one evacuation and refill cycle be completed for the antechamber to prevent possible condensation being deposited on the interior antechamber walls.



1.    Wear yellow gloves while using black gloves of Glove Box.

2.    Note down H2O and O2 level before and after use of Glove Box.

3.    Inner and outer doors must be closed properly.

4.    Make entry into log book (this is mandatory to all).



1.    Don’t open inner door if outer door is open.

2.    Don’t wear any watches, rings and bangles while using Glove Box.

3.    Don’t use Glove Box if your nails are grown.





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