Lab Norms

  1. Every student should obtain a copy of the MSE-314 laboratory manual.

  2. Dress code: Students must come to the laboratory wearing: (1) trousers, (ii) half- sleeve tops and (iii) Leather shoes. Half pants, loosely hanging garments and slippers are not allowed.

  3. Students should read about their experiment from the manual/reference book before coming to lab.

  4. To avoid any injury, the student must take the permission of the laboratory staffs before handling the machines.

  5. Students must clean their work area after the end of their experiments.

  6. At the end of each experiment, the student must take initials from the staff on your data/observations.

  7. Laboratory report must be submitted in standard sheet, available at the shopping center. Reports on ordinary sheets and computer papers will not be accepted.

  8. One group will submit one laboratory report on the same day.

  9. The lab report must contain: (1) Title of the experiment, (ii) Three to four lines stating the objectives, (iii) A few lines on background; (iii) Name of all equipment’s/tools used along with one line description of its use (iv) Observation and analysis with graph sheets.

  10. Student can check their laboratory reports after correction for discussion.

  11. Careless handling of equipment will not be tolerated.