Hall 2 mess provides fine messing facilities to students far from their homes. The mess is a large hall, to seat the 380 residents of Hall2. Hall2 mess serves meals three times each day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also there is the facility of room service in certain special cases.

Hall 2 mess is the first and one of the few hostel mess in IIT Kanpur to have a automated computer application developed by its own residents for carrying out transactions for extra items in the menu. The administrative work is handled by a Mess Manager along with the Hall Mess Committee which is the student body comprising of a Mess Secretary and few hall members. The mess council tries assiduously that the hostel residents get delicious and nutritious food. The menu is updated frequently based on popular opinion,taking into account the tastes of all the diverse cultures present in the hostel. New dishes are tried out so that the best food is available for the students.The supplies are checked regularly by the mess council to ensure that there is no discrepancy in the supply and the bill made. Juice and Ice-cream corner is also available inside the mess. Place is well maintained and quite hygienic . Almost every variety of juice, shakes, ice creams and cakes are available. One can even buy raw fruits as per need. What makes mess so good is the cleanliness. Mess workers work hard to keep it clean. Apart from regular menu,hall 2 mess also provide extra items in almost every lunch and dinner.If you are sick you can have khichadi.You can also get your food delivered to your room in more serious cases.



This is the place to get all the food stuff other than mess. Canteen timings are from 2 pm to 2 am. It attracts most of the hall junta for evening snacks and popular late night munchings. A plethora of varieties are available to cater to your taste buds. Additional facilities like LCD tv are also available to draw the crowd, especially on match days.