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Hall of Residence 2 (Hall-2) is one of the oldest among the hostels at IIT Kanpur. It is situated at center zone of IIT Kanpur campus. The hostel has seven blocks, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Every block is a three storey building consisting 10-14 rooms in a row on every floor. It has a capacity of about 600 students. The hall population consists of 2nd and 3rd year B-tech students. The rich culture of the hall has always ensured overall development of its residents, with a number of events organised for the first year students the students get a taste of almost all the activities organised in the institute.Students are allowed to find their passion and pursue it. With a healthy interaction between the students and the seniors the barrier among friends and seniors fades away building a strong relationship between the hall residents.The games courtyard is almost always filled with students playing with their friends and seniors.If one so wants to spend sometime close to the nature, he could always go to the lush green quad and feed the peacocks roaming there. Being environment concious we have solar panels installed on the roofs to provide green electricity .


Hall 2 Quads

With your luggage on your shoulders, expectations in your mind and dreams in your eyes, you enter this place called Hall of Residence II. You soon realize that this place is not just a place you will be spending major part of your stay at IITK. It is a place that stands on the pillars of history, legacy and inspiration. Being one of the oldest halls, you realize that you are living in the same rooms once inhabited by people who are now one of the most successful engineers, entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, scientists, artists, economists and what not.Whether it is our lion emblem or Bakaiti imprinted on the entrance itself, here is a source of inspiration for you to be brave, determined and chaapu. Hall II is home to the best coders and seat of the Robotics Club of IITK.

It has the best culture for unleashing your passion for sports. Being a part of Hall II, you will find yourself in the most interactive place of IITK, whether it is the brotherhood with your wing mates or the seniors who are there to guide you every time. The night-outs together, inter wing culture and the enthusiasm during the events has their own enigma. Every pass-out takes with him the memories of this glory and legacy. The old red walls and the trees have witnessed a history. Every fresher will feel the aura!

To make life of Hall residents easier we have centralised billing system, Online guest room booking, Computer based mess billing and many more indespensible tools, Some are given here like ask HAB and many more facilities.

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Besides being a hostel , hall 2 provides refreshing , clean , green and open environment for its students . The lust greenry and the beautiful peacocks roaming around the campus and hall provide beautiful and soothing experience to eyes . We also have Basketball court , Badminton Court , Volleyball Court , Creicket and Football ground , Table Tennis room , Music room , Gym , Guest Rooms , General and Barber Shop inside our hall itself . Here are some of our latest photos

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Hall 2 Office

Hall II,Indian Institue of Technology, Kalyanpur, Kanpur.
Phone: 0512 259 4195
Email: hall2@iitk.ac.in

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