Hall Of Residence-X
IIT Kanpur

Hall Of Residence - X

Nestled within IIT Kanpur's vibrant campus, Hall of Residence-X stands as a cozy home for over 500 postgraduate students, offering an array of comforts from snug rooms to an assortment of both indoor and outdoor sports facilities including badminton, basketball, and volleyball courts, along with table tennis and chess for leisurely days. The hall boasts a spacious reading room filled with books and newspapers for the avid reader, a TV room with a state-of-the-art Home Theatre featuring 5.1 channel digital sound and a projector for movie nights, and a music room for those musically inclined. For the tech-savvy, a computer room with internet access is readily available. While it hosts a Xerox shop and a general store for everyday needs, the hallmark canteen, known for its high-quality, hygienic cuisine, is temporarily closed for repairs, eagerly awaiting to welcome back residents with its diverse menu from the afternoon till the early hours.

Utility Services

Entertainment Lounge

The hall features a viewing lounge equipped with a large LED TV and 5.1 Dolby Digital sound, ideal for enjoying movies and sports.

Melody Chamber

The hall boasts a music room, outfitted with various musical instruments and equipment, fostering creative expression and cultural vibrancy.

Tech Lounge

The hall includes a computer room, fully furnished with all necessary equipment, available for all residents.

Reading Room

Hall of Residence-X subscribes to major newspapers such as The Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, and more.

  • 500

    The overall room count includes 496 single rooms and 4 double guest rooms.
  • 76

    Staff and Workers