speaker_notesKeynote Lectures

Miguel A. Bañares

Instituto de Catálisis


Title: Tackling active sites in supported vanadium oxide catalysts: which one is "operando" (working)?

Monica Calatayud

Université Pierre et Marie Curie


Title: Describing reducibility of metal oxides from ab initio calculations

Debbie Crans

Colorado State University


Title: Vanadium compounds in oncolytic virotherapy

Wataru Ueda

Kanagawa University


Title: New porous complex metal oxides of group V and VI elements

Israel E. Wachs

Lehigh University


Title: Reaction Mechanism, Surface Intermediates and Kinetics for SCR of NOx with NH3 by Titania-Supported Vanadium Oxide Catalysts

view_headlineDetailed Program

Oral presentation will be given 20 min for presenting and 5 min for questions.

Posters are desired in the portrait format. Dimensions: 841 mm X 1189 mm (A0 size)

Download the schedule from here and the book of abstracts from here.