In the past fifty years of existence, IIT Kanpur has undertaken several projects of national importance and provided critical industrial consultancy to public and private industry partners. From here, we want to take the next leap forward.

As we continue our journey in the next phase, we would like to undertake strategic alignment of our academic programs and research initiatives so as create enhanced and effective avenues for sustained industrial interactions. We are sensitive to the needs of the emerging industry and would like to partner with them towards the cause of nation building.

To continuously evolve and innovate our internal functioning, for creating the right eco-system for entrepreneurship, creation of intellectual property, innovative technology development for emerging markets, reducing time-cycles of product designs and training meaningful human resource for serving the industry, The ICAG is exploring newer paradigms so as to adapt to the changing world order. We acknowledge that compatibility and adaptability with the present day needs of the industry is essential element of our existence.

ICAG Information

*Group members*
Siddhartha Panda (Convener)
Abhijit Kushari
B.V. Phani
J. Ramkumar
A. R. Harish