Guidelines for Admission of Sponsored Candidates for MTech/MDes/MS (Research) and PhD (Engg. and Sciences) Programme

A candidate who is sponsored by his/her employer and who meets the additional conditions specified below may be admitted through a separate selection committee appointed specifically for the purpose.

A sponsored candidate must have been in service of the sponsoring organization for at least two years at the time of admission. The sponsoring organization must specifically undertake to provide full salary to the candidate and to relieve him/her to pursue the programme for its full duration. For project employees of IIT Kanpur seeking admission to the M.S. by Research programme, the candidate should have been working in a project at IIT Kanpur for at least one year at the time of admission instead of the two years requirement mentioned above.

Note: For candidates seeking admission to the M.S. by Research programme and sponsored by his/her employer or through an IIT Kanpur project, the requirement of being in service for one year mentioned above is not applicable.

Fulfillment of GATE requirement may be waived for such candidates. However, the sponsored candidates seeking admission to the MTech/MDes/MS (Research)/PhD programme who have not qualified GATE will be called for interview and may in addition be asked to take a written test.