Ph.D. Students

2007 Batch




Swati Sinha

Research:Tectonic and climatic controls on landscape evolution in the Dehradun-Nahan

salient-recess in the frontal Himalaya

Supervisor :Dr. Rajiv Sinha

Room:A -230, GH-2  




2008 Batch




Ajit Singh

Research: Sediment sourcing, subsurface stratigraphy and paleoclimate reconstruction in Ghaggar plains of NW

Rajasthan: Searching for the lost river (Vedic Saraswati) of Indian Thar Desert

Supervisors :Dr. Rajiv Sinha and Dr. Debajyoti Paul

Room:E1-111, HALL 4 

Email: ajit[AT]




Sambit Prasanjit Naik

Research: Active Tectonics and Liquefaction potential

Supervisors : Dr. Javed N Malik and Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra

Room: E1-110, Hall-4





2009 Batch




Santiswarup Sahoo

Research:Active tectonic studies along the faults between JMT and MBT around Dharamsala,

Kangra and Mandi, NW Himalaya

Supervisor :Dr. Javed N Malik

Room:F-305, HALL-8






2010 Batch




Asmita Mohanty

Research:Active fault mapping and Paleoseismic investigation in foothill zone of NW Himalaya

Supervisor:Dr. Javed N Malik

Room:A-130, GH-2 








Frango C Johnson

Research:Paleotsunami and paleoseismic studies along the East coast of Andaman Islands,

Andaman & Nicobar Islands,India

Supervisor : Dr. Javed N Malik

Room: H-306, HALL-7 
Email: frango[AT]



Satuluri Sravanti

Research: Archaeoseismological studies around North West to CentralHimalaya: A newperspectivein the

identification of past earthquakes

Supervisor:Dr. Javed N Malik

Room:188B, TYPE-I, IITK






Haridas Mohanta

Research:Eco-geomorphological approach in river management: the case of the Ganga River 

Supervisor:Dr. Rajiv Sinha

Room:E1-109, HALL-4 




2011 Batch




Afzal Khan

Research:Paleoseismic and Paleotsunami investigations along Western coast of Andaman Islands,

Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India

Supervisor:Dr. Javed N Malik

Room:F-312, HALL-8








Jyoti Chandra

Research:Origin of Carbonatites from Amba Donger,Gujrat:Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints

Supervisor:Dr. Debajyoti Paul

Room: A-206, GH-2

Email : jyoticha[AT]



2012 Batch




Suneel Kumar Joshi


Supervisor:Dr. Rajiv Sinha

Room:B – 210, Hall-7

Email :suneelkj[AT]