Research Contributions

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  • Work in the industrially important and scientifically vibrant area of membrane separations.

  • Research interests and important contributions cover the entire gamut of the cutting-edge in membranes, including nano- and ultrafiltration, pervaporation; industrial and municipal waste treatment, pulping, environmental pollution control and novel membrane materials and their characterization.

  • Pioneered much of the fundamental research and development work in membrane separations in this country and have established unique experimental facilities at IIT Kanpur.

  • At the same time, maintained a balanced basic scientific work with equally tremendous impact in the applied aspects of industrial impact.

  • Among path breaking contributions are: development of generalized models and techniques to predict membrane performance, quantification of membrane-pore interactions, influence of nano-pores in pervaporation, positron annihilation studies of dense membranes, dehydration of hydrazine hydrate for rocket fuel applications, chromium removal from tannery effluents, etc.

  • Membrane-based black liquor treatment and the raw sugarcane juice clarification and concentration may prove to be new solutions to the energy problems of industries.

  • Membrane-based degassing of liquids through membrane contactor may now find newer applications in a country like India