We continue to synthesize novel nanomaterials to address energy, environmental and health problems. In particular, our research themes center around the development of carbon-based materials, especially carbon nanofibers and carbon nanoparticles in the adsorption, and catalytic reaction applications including microbial fuel cells. The recent focus is on the synthesis and characterization of the adsorbents and metal catalysts for the removal of common atmospheric air pollutants such as CO2, NOx, and SOx by adsorption and/or catalytic oxidation and that of solutes such as arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals, and organics from wastewater by adsorption. We have also undertaken studies on the catalytic wet air oxidation of recalcitrant organics in water. On the theoretical side, a number of mathematical models based on lattice Boltzmann method have been developed to predict the breakthrough curves in the narrow tubular packed bed adsorber. The recent focus is on the development of lattice Boltzmann models for multi-phase flow.


  • Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship 2018-2019
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, 2015
  • Raj and Neera Singh Chair (2015-18)
  • Raj and Neera Singh Chair (2011-14)
  • Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow (2003)
  • M. H. Shukla Memorial Award for the Best technical paper presented, CHEMCON, Kolkata (December 2000).
  • ICTE career award for the young teacher (1998).
  • University of Arizona Graduate Fellowship (1991-92).
  • S. K. Nandi Memorial merit scholarship, IIT Kharagpur (1985-86)

Work Experience

  • Process Engineer, BOC Gases, New Jersey, USA, 1995-97

Courses Developed


  • "Aqueous Phase Adsorption: Theory, Simulations and Experiments" , edited by Jayant K. Singh and Nishith Verma. (2018) Taylor & Francis/CRC Press.

Book Chapter

  • "Novel Carbon-based Nano-adsorbents for Water Purification" , by Nishith Verma and Ashutosh Sharma in "Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects", edited by David Reisner and T. Pradeep. (2014) Taylor & Francis/CRC Press.


  • "Process for the treatment of wastewater" (Indian patent no: SP2034, filed, September 2017; Inventors: Ashish Yadav, Nishith Verma (IIT Kanpur); Kaushik Basak and Arin Von Mourik (Shell International Research Maatschappiz BV, The Netherlands).
  • "Process for the treatment of wastewater" (Indian patent no: 201641017964, filed, May 2016; International patent no: WO 2017/202843 A1, filed, November 2017 ; Inventors: Nishith Verma (IIT Kanpur); Kaushik Basak and Arin Von Mourik (Shell International Research Maatschappiz BV, The Netherlands).
  • “Process for Preparing a Catalyst and Use Thereof” (Indian patent no: 201641017930, filed, May 2016; International patent no: WO 2017/202863 A1, filed, November 2017 ; Inventors: Nishith Verma (IIT Kanpur); Kaushik Basak and Arin Von Mourik (Shell International Research Maatschappiz BV, The Netherlands).
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  • “Preparation of Ag-and-Cu-nanometals in-situ doped microbeads as antibacterial applications in water”(US patent No: IN-852545 (RFI-100128), Filed 2013; Inventors: Nishith VERMA; Prateek KHARE; Ashutosh SHARMA).
  • “Preparation of bi-metals in-situ doped multi-functional micro-and nanoadsorbents for the control of contaminants in water" (US patent No:13/482,564, Filed 2012; Inventors: Ajit K. Sharma, Ashutosh Sharma, Nishith Verma).
  • “Preparation of activated carbon fibers/carbon nanofibers dispersed PVA nanocomposite material for lithium ion electrolyte battery separator" (US patent No: IN-820943 (RFI-100128), Filed 2012; Inventors: Ajit K. Sharma, Jayant K. Singh, Nishith Verma).
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  • “Liquid-solid radially cross-flow multi-stage fluidized bed contactor” (Indian Patent No: 25837, filed on April 2007 and granted on January , 2014, Inventors: Nishith Verma and Rupesh Verma).

Recent Publications

  • Bairagi, P., Verma, N., "Methyl nicotinate biomarker of tuberculosis voltammetrically detected on cobalt nanoparticle-dispersed reduced graphene oxide-based carbon film in blood" (2019) Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical ,DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.snb.2019.126754.
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