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Mission: Technology Development for Cleaner Environment


The mission of Centre for Environment Science and Engineering is to carry out high quality interdisciplinary research, leading to technology development and competency building in various areas related to environmental problems, thereby providing solutions to Indian industry, medical professionals and policy makers.

Our Objectives are to:

  • develop a new generation of sensors for efficient and quick in situ detection of environmental conditions including emissions/discharges .
  • develop high performance filters and membranes for effective remediation of contaminants.
  • develop new catalysts and adsorbents for removal of contaminants in air, soil and water environments.
  • utilize nanotechnology for synthesis of sensors, membranes, catalysts and adsorbents.
  • study the impact of environmental pollution on human health
  • develop genetically-engineered specific micro-organisms for bio remediation of contaminants
  • develop environment- friendly technologies for abatement of pollutants.
  • promote environmental considerations in product-design and technology development in all fields of engineering
  • establish a tripartite relationship between industry, academia and government agencies to nurture and support growth of environmental science and technology

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Professor Ashok Kumar
Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur 208016, India

+91-512-2596357/4051 (Office)
+91-512-2596685/4052 (Lab)