2nd IEEE Winter School on Fog/Edge Computing 2020

Virtual School organized by IIT Kanpur India

29-30 December 2020

Lecture videos are uploaded in Program Section

Leadership Team Members

T. Russell Hsing National Chiao Tung University
Email: thsing190@gmail.com
Dr. Doug Zuckerman Chair of the IEEE Fog/Edge Industry Community
Dr. Tao Zhang NIST, USA
Chair of the 2nd Fog/Edge Winter School
Prof. Rajesh M Hegde IIT Kanpur, India
(Co-Chair of the 2nd Fog/Edge Winter School)
Prof. Hung-Yu Wei National Taiwan University
Prof. Ai-Chun Pang National Taiwan University
Prof. Yang Yang Shanghai Tech
(Chair of 1st Fog Summer School)
Kaushik Pillalamarri CEO & Co-founder of Smartiply, Inc.
Email: kaushik.pillalamarri@gmail.com