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Waste management at IIT Kanpur
Our aim is to manage and dispose the waste generated in IIT Kanpur in a sustainable and environment friendly manner. This primarily involves complete treatment of organic waste, all the way from its collection and segregation, to its conversion into high quality organic manure. Please visit the multimedia and gallery links at the top to find more information about our segregation and composting process.


We plan to have a decentralized treatment of organic waste, thereby reducing cost and time for transport of waste. In the first phase, we have started collecting segregated waste from faculty apartments and are converting the biodegradable waste into compost. We envision that IIT Kanpur will reduce the waste going to landfills to minimum and all the organic waste will be converted into compost for trees and plants.

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Our Team

Please contact us at recycle@iitk.ac.in for any queries.
Abhash Singh Assistant Professor,Department of Civil Engineering
Hari shankar Final year student,CE
Manish Kharwar Institute Works Department
Organization: Muskan Jyoti Consultant for Waste Management
Rajat Mittal Assistant Professor,Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Rajiv Shekhar Professor,Department of Material Science and Engineering