This school will be conducted ONLINE via Zoom


Welcome to the IIT Kanpur Intensive Training School (ITS) on PYTHON for Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. This school, spanning over 3 weeks, is an intensive program for scholars, students, faculty members, industry professionals and R&D staff aspiring to get an in-depth exposure and learn hands-on implementation of the cutting edge algorithms and software for Machine Learning (ML), Neural Networks (NN) and Deep Learning (DL) toward projects, research and placements to further their career. The school will include extensive assisted PYTHON programming sessions, and numerous important packages such as NUMPY, LINALG, MATPLOTLIB, SCIKIT-LEARN, TENSORFLOW, KERAS. The school also includes problem solving sessions to prepare for tests/ job interviews in ML and DL. For an extensive list of lecture modules and hands-on programming projects, please check the PROGRAM.

All modules will be held on evenings and weekends for the convenience of participants. The extensive projects and PYTHON programming for MACHINE LEARNING (ML), NEURAL NETWORKS (NN), DEEP LEARNING (DL) is of significant value to participants of all backgrounds.

How does this program benefit YOU?

UG/ PG students: Learn the latest programming techniques in PYTHON and various packages such as NUMPY, LINALG, MATPLOTLIB, PANDAS, SCIKIT-LEARN, SEABORN, TENSORFLOW, KERAS together with practical ML/ NN / DL knowledge for projects/ thesis and also to gain an unbeatable edge in placements!

Class XI/ XII students: Learn PYTHON programming and ML/ NN / DL skills as a solid foundation for a strong future career in tech!

PhD Scholars/ Faculty members: Use PYTHON, and various packages such as NUMPY, LINALG, MATPLOTLIB, PANDAS, SCIKIT-LEARN, SEABORN, TENSORFLOW, KERAS for research and also to establish virtual labs or for project guidance in ML/ NN / DL Technologies with real world datasets!

Industry Professionals: Take your skills to the next level by learning PYTHON, and various packages such as NUMPY, LINALG, MATPLOTLIB, PANDAS, SCIKITLEARN, SEABORN, TENSORFLOW, KERAS, together with principles of Module Design and Analysis using Practical Data Sets for ML/ NN / DL Technologies!

Programming and Packages Covered

This school will train the participants on several high impact PYTHON packages listed below


Learn the latest ML/ NN/ DL Algorithms, PYTHON Programming & Libraries from experts at IIT Kanpur

PYTHON, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning are the top skills for placements in top global MNCs

Our industry participants have come from top global MNCs, Indian R&D Labs below and many more!


Our academic participants have come from IITs, NITs, top national and international educational institutions and more!


Procedure for Anaconda, Spider, PYTHON installation for windows:

Please note participants are required to use Laptop with PYTHON, installed. Although participants can use any IDE, preferred installation is ANACONDA and Spyder for PYTHON. Detailed stepwise procedure to install ANACONDA Spyder for free on windows platform can be found in document below
Installation document

Please note that it is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that Anaconda, Spider, PYTHON are installed and running smoothly prior to start of the program.

Important Notes: The school is self-contained and includes lecture sessions covering theoretical concepts followed by intensive PYTHON projects for the latest ML, NN and DL Technologies.

Registration for the PYTHON-Based ML/ NN/ DL School is CLOSED now

Target Audience

  • B.Tech/ BE students
  • B.Sc/ BBA/ BCA students
  • M.Tech/ ME students
  • M.Sc/ MBA/ MCA student
  • Ph.D. scholars pursuing research
  • Few exceptional class XI/ XII students
  • Faculty members of Engineering/ Science/ Management
  • Professionals from Industry and R&D Organizations