This school will be conducted online via Zoom

Last dates for registration:
School 1: Massive MIMO, mmWave MIMO, Spatial Modulation 28th November, 2022 (CLOSED)
School 2: NOMA, Cooperative Comm., OFDM, FBMC 16th January, 2023 (CLOSED)

Registration fee for IIT Kanpur PYTHON and MATLAB/OCTAVE-Based Winter Training Schools in 5G Wireless Technologies

Registration Fee Structure

Category    School 2   
Undergraduate B.Tech/B.E. Students from Engineering Colleges in India (11,000 + 18% GST=12,980)
Postgraduate M.Tech/M.E./ Students from Universities/ Engineering Colleges in India (13,000 + 18% GST=15,340)
Ph.D. Research Scholars from Universities/ Engineering Colleges in India (14,000 + 18% GST=16,520)
Faculty of Engineering Colleges/ Universities in India (14,500 + 18% GST=17,110)
Industry Professionals/Personnel from R & D Organisations in India (17,000 + 18% GST=20,060)
International Participants (300 USD + 18%=354 USD)                          Please pay additional USD 50 (course material courier charges)

Procedure for Anaconda, Spider, MATLAB/ OCTAVE installation for windows:

Please note participants are required to use Laptop with PYTHON and MATLAB/ OCTAVE installed. Although participants can use any IDE, preferred installation is ANACONDA and Spyder for PYTHON. Since MATLAB is a proprietary software, this has to be acquired and installed by participants themselves. Alternatively, participants can use the free software OCTAVE instead of MATLAB.

Detailed stepwise procedure to install ANACONDA Spyder for free on windows platform can be found in document below
Installation document

Once Spyder IDE is running, please run this TEST CODE to make sure your installation is working as expected.
The SCREEN SHOT of plot is here

The website for download/ installation of OCTAVE is below https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/index

Please note that it is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that Anaconda, Spider and MATLAB/ OCTAVE are installed and running smoothly prior to start of the program.

Important Notes: The school is self-contained and includes research style lecture sessions with concepts, problem formulation, solution approaches, followed by simulation and verification using PYTHON MATLAB-based projects for 5G technologies.

Registration fee covers the following

  • Participation in online 5G PYTHON + MATLAB Progarms/ Bundle
  • Hands-on 5G PYTHON tutorials and projects
  • Hands-on 5G MATLAB tutorials and projects
  • Printed school material (To be sent by post)
  • PYTHON Project Code (To be sent by post)
  • MATLAB Project Code (To be sent by post)
  • 5G PYTHON + MATLAB program participation certificate from IIT Kanpur (Soft copy will be provided)
  • White board notes of discussion during program (Soft copy will be provided)

Important Notes:

  1. Only hard copy of lecture material will be posted. Due to IPR related concerns, soft copies will not be provided.
  2. Efforts will be made to send the material before the school begins. However, in the event of a lockdown or courier services not operating prior to the school, material will be sent once services resume after the school.
  3. Since material will be sent by post/ courier, organizers do NOT take responsibility for postal/ courier delays or non-receipt of material.
  4. Recording of lectures, uploading/ distribution of video or audio lectures or school notes is strictly NOT permitted
  5. Participants have to ensure connectivity for the duration of the school. Recorded video lectures will NOT be available. All participants should test their connections during the Zoom test sessions mentioned in Program
  6. All participants MUST keep their video feed ON during the school to monitor attendance and participation
  7. Minimum 80% attendance is required in school.
  8. International Participants are suggested to register early so that material can reach via courier in time

Refund Policy: In case of cancellation by participant, fee will be refunded after deduction of GST and INR 3,000 overhead charges per program. Cancellation requests will only be accepted up to 7 days prior to start of school and material has NOT been dispatched. After that no refund will be possible. Refund is not possible for international participants.

Act of God: In the rare event course cannot be held as per normal schedule because of acts of God beyond our control due to extreme events pertaining to weather, natural phenomenon or critical illness/ unavailability of the instructor, school will be shifted to a date of mutual convenience. If this still cannot be held after due consideration, fee will be refunded to participants after deduction of GST. Further, all school material such as notes, assignments, solutions and PYTHON code will be posted to all the participants.

Preparing for the school