Ishwar Kumar C (PhD, Indian Institute of Science, India, 2015)
Assistant Professor

Room No. WLE 201
0512-259-6952 (O)
E-mail: ishwar[AT]
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Research Specialization

  • Petrology, Tectonics, Paleogeography
  • Archean crustal evolution
  • Remote sensing and GIS

Research Projects

  1. Interaction between Earth crustal and surface processes: A study on crustal blocks in southern India using an interdisciplinary research approach. This project aims to study the tectonic control on topography and surface processes and the relation between topography, structure, lithology and stability of the region.

  2. Archean crustal evolution and tectonic processes: The existence and style of plate tectonic processes will be studied in cratons in India and compared with other cratons and with terrestrial planets.

  3. Generation of Integrated Geoscience Database for India in GIS. This includes lithology, structure, pressure-temperature, geophysics, geochemistry and geochronology. Hence to redefine the shear/ suture zones and crustal blocks to better understand the tectonic evolution. The datasets can also be used for several other potential applications such as geological mapping, natural resource and mineral exploration, hazard mitigation.


List of Journal Publications (peer reviewed)

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  3. Ishwar-Kumar, C., Sajeev, K., Windley, B.F., Kusky, T.M., Feng, P., Ratheesh-Kumar, R.T., Huang, Y., Zhang, Y., Jiang, X., Razakamanana, T., Yagi, K., Itaya, T., 2015. Evolution of high-pressure mafic granulites and pelitic gneisses from NE Madagascar: Tectonic implications. Tectonophysics, 662, 219-242. DOI: 10.1016/j.tecto.2015.07.019

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