Indra Sekhar Sen (Florida International University, USA)
Associate Professor

WLE 201
0512-679-6440 (O)
E-mail: isen[AT]
Personal webpage

Research Specialization

  • Application of isotope geochemistry in various geological environments to understand the earth system processes
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Impact of climate change on high altitude glacier

List of Journal Publications (peer reviewed)
** Post-doc, *PhD student supervision, ‡ MTech student supervision


Shukla, T.,**, Sundriyal, S., Sen, I.S., Contemporary inorganic carbon fluxes from rapidly changing glacierized watersheds of the Himalaya, under revision, Journal of Hydrology, 2020


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Sen, I. S., Bizimis, M. & Sen, G. Geochemistry of sulfides in Hawaiian garnet pyroxenite xenoliths: Implications for highly siderophile elements in the oceanic mantle. Chemical Geology 2010, 273, 180-192

Projects (Ongoing):

  1. 2018-2021: Dust or soot? Tracing the primary drivers of increased glacial melt of the Himalayan glaciers, PI, DST, Govt. of India

  2. 2018-2021: Improved description of the water-cycle in the Upper-Ganga Catchment using isotopic, geochemical data and model simulations, PI, MoES, Govt. of India

  3. 2018-2022: Design and Development of Aquatic Autonomous Observatory (Niracara Svayamsasita VedhShala - NSVS) for In situ Monitoring, Real Time Data Transmission and Web based Visualization, co-PI, Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF)

  4. 2016-2019: An organometallic fingerprinting proxy to locate shale oil pool. Co-PI, ONGC

  5. 2016-2019: Integration of air mass trajectory models and 187Os/188Os isotope data to trace the long-range transport of atmospheric dust in India. Co-PI, SERB, Government of India.

Projects (Completed):

  1. 2015-2018: Establishing a Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) in the Ganga Basin. Focus on water balance, water quality, and hydro-meteorological information system. co-PI , MoES, Government of India.

  2. 2014-2017: Effects of climate change on cryosphere-river linkages: Insights from seasonal and inter-annual variation of glacial melt discharge in the headwaters of the Ganges River, PI , National Academy of Sciences USA,

  3. 2014-16: Isotope technique to evaluate the seasonal and inter-annual variation of glacial melt and snowmelt discharge at Gomukh and Mana, PI, MoES Scoping Project

  4. 2014-16: Development of a low particulate metal free clean laboratory to support isotope analysis of water samples, PI, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur