Computer Centre, IIT Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 

Computer Centre not only provides Windows and Linux Labs to the faculties, staff members and students, but also provide continuous help and support to the lab users. 


  • Cell Phone use is NOT allowed.
    • Kindly make and receive calls outside of the Lab premises.
    • Keep your cell phones in silent mode.
  • Food And Drinks.
    • Any types of eatables are not allowed inside the Labs except water bottles.
Windows Labs with Details

Location - CC Building (1st Floor)

Linux Labs with Details

Location - CC Building (1st Floor)

Location - New Core Building (2nd Floor)

These LINUX PCs may be used remotely by connecting through the command "ssh  -X  <hostname>" from your local LINUX desktop. You need to have an  X-environment. LINUX has this environment inbuilt but WINDOWS need to use software like X-Ming, XCEED, X-Manager, etc for creating this environment.

To know the process of configuring X-environment in Windows:  Xming      Putty

Note: “telnet " is not allowed on these machines.