Objective of the Course

The subject of molecular gas dynamics involves study of gas flows from a microscopic (molecular) perspective. The approach is based on the kinetic theory, which is usually applied to non-equilibrium gas flows, such as rarefied flows through micro/nano-channels and around high speed vehicles operating at high altitudes. Considering the ongoing focus of research/industries on micro/nano scale technologies and human space/planetary missions, it is important to have a short-term course such as Molecular Gas Dynamics. Such a course would not only prepare graduate students for working on state-of-the-art research problems, but also would train them to suit to the changing job requirements in the market. The proposed course at IIT Kanpur is one such initiative in this direction, with the objective of disseminating the knowledge in this interesting subjec

The specific objectives of the short-term course are as follows:

  1. To develop an ability to when and where to apply the microscopic description of fluids.
  2. To understand the concepts, procedures and applications of the kinetic theory of gases and the Boltzmann equation.
  3. To introduce the basic solution procedures of the Boltzmann equation using the particle based approaches.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Phone: +91-512-259-6301
Email: rkm@iitk.ac.in
Homepage: https://www.iitk.ac.in/new/rakesh-kumar

Course Content

Module Topic No. of Lectures (75 min each)
Introduction Need for a molecular description of fluid flow, continuum breakdown, concepts of equilibrium, degree of non-equilibrium 03
Molecular Model & Collisions Molecular model, elastic collisions, concept of collision cross-section, collision frequency, mean free path, collision rate constant, hard sphere model, variable hard sphere model, inelastic collisions. 04
Basic Kinetic Theory Dilute gas flows, velocity distribution function, derivation of the Boltzmann equation and its importance, Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, H-theorem. 05
Solution of the Boltzmann Equation Introduction to particle based approach, Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method, how it works, different processes modeled, gas-surface interactions, calculation of macroscopic properties, scope/mandates of the method, example problems. 05

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