Postgraduate Programs in BSBE

M. Tech in BSBE

M. Tech program in BSBE meets a variety of career objectives in research and industry.  The program is also supported by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India. The program is for four semesters of which the last two semesters involve hands-on training and research. Midway through the program, students may apply for switch-over to the PhD program of BSBE. The program is designed for students from both biology and non-biology background.



PhD program in BSBE is intended for students interested in carrying out distinguished scholarly activities. Excellence in research apart, the program envisages comprehensive development of students for leadership in science and engineering in both industry and academia. Therefore, the PhD program involves intense course work covering diverse areas of biology and bioengineering for competence in both in analytical and quantitative skills.


Interested candidates may check here for the eligibility conditions and admission procedures for the PG programs of the BSBE.