ACGT 2024    


ACGT 2024

Asian congress on Gas turbine 2024
"Catalyzing Clean Energy for Net Zero Gas Turbines"

AUGUST 21-23 2024  
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Due to multiple requests, the final hard deadline is extended upto June 20,2024.

"Innovation drives us to a net-zero future in propulsion and power, shaping sustainability. "

ACGT 2024: Unleashing the Power of Tomorrow

ACGT Organizing Committee

Dr. Seung Jin Song

SNU, Korea

Dr. Tong Seop

Inha University, Korea

Dr. Wontae Hwang

SNU, Korea

Dr. Ken-ichi Funazaki

Iwate University, Japan

Dr. Toshinori Wantanabe

University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Naoki Tani

IHI Corporation, Janpan

Dr. Abhijit Kushari

IITK, India

Dr. A M Pradeep

IITB, India

Dr. T Chandrasekar

IITB, India

Dr. Chetan Mistry


Dr. Hong Guang Jin

IET, China

Dr. Xiao Feng Sun

Biehang University, China

Dr. Wei Guang Huang

SARI, China

Dr. Ashok De

IITK, India

Dr. Rajesh Ranjan

IITK, India

Dr. V K Arghode

IITK, India

Dr. Santanu De

IITK, India

Dr. Aditya Saurabh 

IITK, India

Dr. Tushar Sikoria

IITK, India

Dr. Keerthi M C

IIT Dharwad, India

Topics for ACGT 2024 include, but are not limited to :

1) Aerodynamics
2) Combustion, Fuel and Emissions
3) Control, Diagnostics and Instrumentations
4) Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics
5) Innovative Clean/Renewable Energy
6) Structure and Dynamics
7) Materials and Metallurgy
8) Applications and Maintenance 

Contact email:


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

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