The rapid growth in population together with the extension of irrigated agriculture and industrial development are putting stress on the natural ecosystems. Water is abundant in our planet but the amount of fresh water is limited. Nature does not give us the liberty to pollute it. The water cycle on the Earth is essentially a closed system hence for a sustainable growth it is necessary to recycle the fresh water to make a balance between the supply and demand of fresh water and also preserve present water resources from getting polluted. There are several gaps in the available technologies and policies related to water management which includes both quantity and quality issues. For minimizing these gaps, issues related to water management must be addressed together by the scientists, technologists, policy makers, implementers, and the society at large.

In this direction, IIT KANPUR as part of its Golden Jubilee celebrations is organizing an international conference to foster coordination amongst various stake holders and bring together experts of national and international repute on the subject to share their knowledge and experience.

The three day conference is expected to pave way for producing compendium of technological options, policy guidelines and implementing mechanisms for water-harvesting, storage and conservation.

Registration starts:
10 Sept, 2009

Registration ends:
17 Oct, 2009

Notification of acceptance of extended abstracts:
20 Oct, 2009

Registration(without paper) ends:
10 Nov, 2009

Deadline of full length papers:
10 Nov, 2009

Conference dates:
23-25 Nov, 2009