This information sheet gives general information about various facilities/shops etc on the campus of IIT Kanpur as well as restaurants etc. in Kanpur city.

Shopping Center

The campus has a shopping center (locally called the Shop-C) about five minutes walk from the guest house. Most of the shops are open from around 10:00 --10:30 am till 8:30--9:00 pm. The shops are generally closed on Sundays, though some of them open in the evenings. The Shop-C has two bookstores, two photocopying shops, two general stores, a  pharmacy, a barbershop-cum-beauty parlour, a  sweet shop, a bakery shop, a dry cleaning shop, a computer shop and a restaurant among others. If you cannot find an article you want in a specialised shop, try the general stores also.

The Shop-C also has the IIT Kanpur branch of the State Bank of India, the IIT post office (208 016), a Telecom Centre, and a milk bar selling various aerated drinks as well as hot coffee. A dentist and an eye specialist are available there during specific hours.

There are a large number of shops at the IIT gate, on the arterial Grand Trunk (GT) Road. It is about a 25-minute walk from the guest house. You can also take a rickshaw to the gate. The fare is Rs. 5/- for one or two persons. Most of the shops at the gate are closed on Mondays, but some of them open towards the evening.


The two bookstores, Noble Book Store and Tarun Book House, in the Shop-C,  are open from about 9:30 am till around 9:00 pm. They stock a range of stationery items and books (mostly texts, but some light reading also). Transparencies and transparency pens are available here. There is a 10% discount on books. They also stock computer peripherals, such as CD's and floppy diskettes.

For those interested in bargains, there is also a vendor of second-hand books and magazines in the Shop-C,.


There are two photocopying shops in the shopping center and these are open from about 10:00 am till 9:00 pm. The Central Library also has a photocopying shop inside. The SERC School will have its own photocopying facility, where you can get extra photocopies on payment.


The Institute has a Central Library, which is open from 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight on working days and Saturday (10:00 am till 5:00 pm on Sunday and holidays). The library has been instructed to allow participants to make use of it: you may however need to show the badge. The High Energy Physics and Mathematics books are on the second floor and the journals are on the third floor (listed alphabetically). There is a photocopying shop on the third floor which photocopies on a payment basis (Sunday closed). Second floor has electronic search facilities and also a card catalogue.


The campus has branches of two national banks: the State Bank of India and the Union Bank of India. Both have ATM machines networked to other cities.


There is a reasonably good medical shop in the shopping center (Sunday closed). There are also a number of medical shops at the gate. While
most of these shops are closed on Mondays, you may find one of them open, especially in the evenings.

Medical Emergencies

The health centre is open 24 hours a day for medical emergencies. It has been instructed to look after the health problems of the participants.
Call 7777 or 7666.

Post Office & Courier Services

There is the post office behind the shopping center. It has all the usual facilities, including Speed Post. One of the photocopying shops in the Shop-C is an agent for Blue Dart couriers.

Telecom Center

There is a telecom center near the Shop-C (left of the post office) [Hours: 10am - 10pm].  You can call STD/ISD and send faxes. There is an STD/ISD facility in the guest house itself. You can make local calls from your room by dialling `0'. There are also several PCO/STD/ISD booths with a few minutes' walk from the guest house and hostels.

Tickets: railway & air

There is a computerised railway  reservation counter just inside the IIT gate (to the left as you go out), which is open every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (2:00 pm on Sundays). Air tickets can also be made at a counter in Hall-II. Call Mr. Ashok Shukla on the intercom at 4021 or cell  9839573037.

Snacks etc

You can get tea/coffee and snacks at
(1) The Campus Restaurant in the Shop-C (11 am - 10 pm)
(2) The SAC cafeteria next to the guest house (11 am - 10 pm)
(3) The snack bar near the Computer Center (10:30 am - 2 am)
(4) The Faculty Lounge near the Southern Laboratories (9:30 am - 6 pm)
(5) Canteens of all hostels  (2 pm - 2 am)
There is a milk bar near the shopping center open from about 9:00 am -  9:00 pm. It stocks a wide variety of aerated drinks and fruit juices.

For fresh Fruits/Juices: the closest place is near the entrance to Hall-III entrance (till about 7 pm) and in the Girls' Hostel (11 am - 7:30 pm). Itineratnt fruit vendors are also available at the IIT gate.

IIT runs a bus service to the city. A bus runs typically once an hour. The closest stop from the hostels, guest house and academic area is near the main (SAC) crossing. Fares to the city are about Rs. 6 - 10.

There are taxis available from the guest house: just ask the counter. You can also book a taxi to go at a specific time. Call Mr. Surinder Yadav at 5094. The fare to railway station is  160/-. The fare to Lucknow air-port is  ~ 800/-

Private taxis may be booked from the guest house for an extended period.The  charges are Rs. 4.50/5.50 (Maruti van/AC Esteems  (with AC
running)) per km and waiting charges are Rs 25/hour less 1 hour for journey time.

Physics Department Offices

The Department Office is on the 3rd floor of the Faculty Building. Most HEP group members have their offices on the 3rd and 4th floors.

Institute Websites

Visitor Information:
Various Maps: _

Important Telephone Numbers

In case of any problems call
Dr. Sreerup Raychaudhuri  7276 (O), 8276 (R), 05123811060 (cell)

Regarding accommodation for male participants, you can call Mr. Santosh Kumar Rai  9839206918 (cell).
Regarding accommodation for female participants, you can call Ms. Amwesha Tapadar 9935202907 (cell).

Physics Office: 7641
Health Center: 7777, 7666 [both 24 hours]
The Library Desk: 7223
Security: 7272

Restaurants in The City

Angithi Restaurant, 26/45, The Mall.
Buddhesen, 26/45, Birhana Road.
Chung Fai Restaurant, 94-B, Canal Road.
Kwality Restaurant, 16/97, The Mall.
Haritma Village Restaurant, 9/3,Macrobert Ganj.
Little Chet Restaurant, 15/198, Civil Lines.
Pandit's Upvan Restaurant.
Foody-Goody Deep, Govind Nagar
Makhan Singh Biryani, Arya Nagar
Delhi Darbaar, Mariyam Pur
Ghosh Sweets, 80 feet Road
Krishna/Agra/JAI Sweets, Gumti #5
Tiwari Sweets and Restaurant, Birhana Road
Dakshin, SwarupNagar (for South Indian Vegetarian)
Gyan Vaishnav, Gumti #5 (For North Indian Vehetarian)
Host, Naveen Market
Meghdoot, Mall
Landmark, Naveen Market ( 3* place)

Shopping in Kanpur

There are several places for shopping in the city. Rave-3 and Sir, Good Morning are two modern shopping malls. Kanpur is famous for leather goods (Meston Road), the famous Lucknow Chikan clothes and sarees ( Naveen Market and Shivalya). There is also a market in Gumti No. 5 for almost all items especially clothing.