Department of Physics

Schedule of the Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) Workshop

February 13-15, 2004 (Friday-Sunday)

13 February 2004
1415-1430 Registration
Session - I Nanomaterials Chair: S.C. Agarwal
1430-1515 V.A. Singh Simple scaling laws for semiconductor nanostructures
1515-1600 K.P. Rajeev Magnetism of interacting nanoparticles
1600-1630 Tea
Session - II Magnetism - I Chair: R. C. Budhani
1630-1715 R. Pinto (TIFR Mumbai) Transport and magnetism in electron doped manganites
1715-1800A. Dutta Percolation with long-range connections and dilute quantum Ising magnet
14 February 2004
Session - I Magnetism - II Chair: K. Shahi
0900-0945 R.C. Budhani Pair breaking effects in manganite-high Tc heterostructures
0945-1030 V.N. Kulkarni Channeling studies in spintronics oxide films
Session - II Miscellaneous - I Chair: V. A. Singh
1100-1145 V. Ravishankar Entanglement measures of pure and mixed spin states
1145-1230 M.K. Verma Shell to shell energy transfer in turbulence
1230-1315 S. Mukherji Nonlocal perturbations in driven diffusive systems
1315-1400 LUNCH
Session - III Miscellaneous - II Chair: Y.N. Mohapatra
1400-1445 A.K. Gupta Scanning tunneling microscope and its applications
1445-1530 S.A. Ramakrishna Focussing light with negative refraction
1530-1615 S. Sivaprakasam Diode Laser and its applications
1615-1630 Tea
1630-1830 Poster Session Chair: M.K. Harbola
15 February 2004
Session - I Stongly correlated electronic systems Chair: D. Chowdhury
0900-0945 T.V. Ramakrishnan (BHU, Varanasi) Strong correlations in oxides: Examples and Theories
0945-1030 H.R. Krishnamurthy (IISc. Bangalore) Effective medium theories for quantum many body theories
1030-1115 P. Majumdar (HRI, Allahabad) Many body theory in strong coupling adiabatic limit
1115-1130 TEA
Session - II Miscellaneous - III Chair: R. Prasad
1130-1215 S. Basu (IIT, Kharagpur) From fundamental research to product development - The case of lithium ion battery development
1215-1300 Deepak Gupta Organic electronics : Displays and thin film transistors
1300-1305 Prize distribution for best Posters

For any queries contact Professor R. Prasad, The Convenor, CMP 2004

All are cordially invited to participate.