Najmul Khan

Ph.D (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering


Research Interest



  • Ph.D. - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
    Thesis Title:Pending
    Thesis Supervisor:Pending
  • Pre-doctoral Course - Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar.
  • M.Sc. - University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad..
  • B.Sc. - Osmania University, Hyderabad.



Structural Biology and Protein Engineering 

  • Nikhil Jain, Neha Vithani, Abu Rafay and Balaji Prakash$. Identification and characterization of a hitherto unknown nucleotide binding domain and an intricate inter-domain regulation in HflX, a ribosome binding GTPase. Nucleic Acids Research (2013) 41, 9557-69.
  • Pravin Kumar Ankush Jagtap, Vijay Soni, Neha Vithani, Gagan Deep Jhingan, Vaibhav Singh Bais, Vinay Kumar Nandicoori$, and Balaji Prakash$. Substrate bound crystal structures reveal features unique to Mycobacterium tuberculosis N-acetyl-glucosamine-1-phosphate uridyltransferase and a catalytic mechanism for acetyltransfer. Journal of Biological chemistry  (2012) 287, 39524-37.
  • Mathew Sajish, Sissy Kalayil, Sunil Kumar Verma, Vinay Kumar Nandicoori$ and Balaji Prakash$. The Significance of ExDD and RxKD Motifs Conservation in Rel Proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2009), 284, 9115-9123.
  • Mathew Sajish, Divya Tiwari, Dimple Rananaware, Vinay Kumar Nandicoori$ and Balaji Prakash$. A Charge Reversal Differentiates (p)ppGpp Synthesis by Monofunctional and Bifunctional Rel Proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry. (2007) 282, 34977-34983.


  • 2013 – Elected, Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad, India.
  • 2011 – Elected Member, Guha Research Conference (GRC), India.
  • 2010 - DBT National Bioscience Award for the year 2009.
  • 2006 - Invited participant at 2nd Indo-American Frontiers of Science Symposium in Irvine, California.
  • 2004 - International Senior Research Fellow for Biomedical Science award by the Wellcome Trust, U.K. in 2004.



Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering,
Laboratory No. 2
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Kanpur. - 208016.
Uttar Pradesh, India

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