K. Subramaniam

PhD (IISc Bangalore)

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering (BSBE)

Research Interest



  • PhD, Indian Institute of Science, 1994
  • M.Sc., University of Madras, 1988
  • B.Sc., Bharathiyar, University, 1985



  • S. Vaid, M. Ariz, A. Chaturbedi, G. Anil Kumar, and K. Subramaniam 2013. PUF-8 negatively regulates RAS/MAPK signalling to promote differentiation of C. elegans germ cells. Development 140: 1645-1654.

  • K. Pushpa, G. Anil Kumar, and K. Subramaniam 2013. PUF-8 and TCER-1 are essential for normal levels of several mRNAs in the C. elegans germline. Development 140: 1312-1320.

  • M. Ariz, M. Rana and K. Subramaniam 2009. C. elegans RNA-binding proteins PUF-8 and MEX-3 function redundantly to promote germline stem cell mitosis. Developmental Biology, 326: 295-304.

  • S. Jadhav, M. Rana and K. Subramaniam 2008. Multiple maternal proteins coordinate to restrict the translation of C. elegans nanos-2 to primordial germ cells. Development 135: 1803-1812.

  • B. C. Yadav, K. Veluthambi, and K. Subramaniam 2006. Host-generated double stranded RNA induces RNAi in plant-parasitic nematodes and protects the host from infection. Mol and Biochem Parasit 148: 219-222.

  • The Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellow, 2003-2009.


Department of BSBE
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-4043 (O)

Email: subbu[AT]iitk.ac.in

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