1. Principles of Wireless Communication
  2. Fading Channels, Bit-Error Rate (BER) Analysis
  3. Multiple Antenna Systems, Diversity concept
  4. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Technology, MIMO Receivers
  5. Multi-user MIMO, Beamforming, Precoding
  6. Orthogonal Space Time Block Codes (OSTBC)
  7. Cooperative Communication, Optimal Combining
  8. BER Analysis and Diversity of Cooperative Communication
  9. Optimal Power Allocation with Cooperation
  10. Introduction to Massive MIMO
  11. Analysis with Perfect CSI
  12. Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO, Analysis with Imperfect CSI
  13. Multi-cell Massive MIMO and Pilot contamination
  14. New Modulation Schemes for 5G: Spatial Modulation (SM)
  15. Space shift keying, Generalized Spatial Modulation
  16. Cooperative MIMO communication, Multi-Node Coopertaion
  17. AF and DF Protocols for Cooperation
  18. Introduction to Cognitive Radio Technology, OFDM for CR
  19. Spectrum Sensing in Fading Wireless Channels, MIMO systems, OFDM systems
  20. Cooperative Spectrum Sensing, Eigenvalue based Spectrum Sensing
  21. Multi-User Transmission in Interweave CR Systems
  22. MIMO for Underlay CR Systems
  23. Game Theory for Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Auctions
  24. Matlab Project on BER in Fading Wireless Channels, Multiple-Antenna, MIMO Systems and OFDM Systems
  25. MATLAB Project on Massive MIMO System and Receiver Design with Perfect/ Imperfect CSI
  26. MATLAB Project on Cooperative Communication, MIMO Cooperation, Multiple-Node Cooperation
  27. MATLAB Project on Spectrum Sensing for Fading Channels, Spectrum Sensing for MIMO-OFDM Systems