We are happy to announce that Mr. Venkata Gautham, Modem Systems Engineer, Qualcomm, will deliver an invited expert lecture. Please see program schedule for more details.


5G wireless technology aims to provide extremely high data rates with support for massive device density and ultra-low latency. Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (Massive MIMO) is a cutting edge technology that can significantly enhance the throughput while also supporting a large number of users. In addition, Cooperative Communication systems have been shown to achieve significantly high communication rates in high speed broadband wireless systems due to their ability to form virtual (MIMO) transmit and receive arrays. Further, Cognitive Radio (CR) systems and networks are a revolutionary concept in wireless communications, which allow a set of unlicensed/ secondary users to opportunistically access unused spectrum bands licensed to primary users. CR is designed to meet the spectrum scarcity caused by the proliferation of devices and applications. Together these technologies can achieve multiple goals such as higher speeds, increased connectivity, range extension and dynamic spectrum allocation in 5G networks.

This 5-day course will provide engineers, faculty members, under-graduate/ post-graduate students and research scholars with an in depth technical exposure to 5G Massive MIMO, Cooperative Communication and Cognitive Radio technologies. The modular approach will provide the participants with a comprehensive introduction to various concepts such as Massive MIMO, Precoding/ Beamforming, Channel Estimation, Pilot-Contamination, Spatial Modulation, Cooperative Diversity, Optimal Power Allocation, Spectrum Sensing, CR Transmission, Game Theory and others. All the classes will be conducted in “classroom” style towards building up the various theoretical aspects beginning with the fundamentals, together with problem solving sessions to further enhance and consolidate understanding. Also, a full day interactive MATLAB implementation module will introduce the participants to the practical implementation and simulation aspects of such systems, especially from the perspective of conducting research.

Registration for the short course is CLOSED.

Final List of Participants   [PDF]

Target Audience

  • Ph.D scholars pursuing research in 5G wireless technologies.
  • M.Tech/ B.Tech students udertaking thesis/ projects in 5G technology.
  • Faculty members of Engineering Institutions/ Universities.
  • Engineers from Wireless Industry and R&D Organizations.

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