1. Introduction to 5G Technology
  2. Fading Wireless Channel Modeling
  3. Bit-Error Rate (BER) and Performance with Fading
  4. Multiple Antenna Systems, Diversity Gain
  5. MIMO System Architecture
  6. MIMO Receivers– Zero Forcing (ZF), MMSE
  7. Introduction to Massive MIMO Technology for 5G
  8. Signal Processing for Massive MIMO, Channel Estimation
  9. Performance of Massive MIMO with Perfect and Imperfect CSI
  10. Spatial Modulation (SM), Space Shift Keying (SSK) for 5G Massive MIMO
  11. Generalized Spatial Modulation (GSM) for 5G
  12. MU-MIMO Precoding, Receiver Processing Techniques
  13. Block Diagonalization, Successive Optimization
  14. Introduction to OFDM Technology, Cyclic Prefix, IFFT-FFT Processing
  15. OFDM Performance, Bit-Error Rate Analysis
  16. OFDM PAPR Techniques– PTS, SLM, Companding, Tone Reduction
  17. MIMO-OFDM Systems, Architecture, Performance Analysis
  18. MATLAB Project on MIMO Receivers, MU-MIMO, Block Diagonalization, Successive Optimization
  19. MATLAB Project on Massive MIMO – Perfect, Imperfect CSI
  20. MATLAB Project on Spatial Modulation (SM), Space Shift Keying for Massive MIMO
  21. MATLAB Project on OFDM, MIMO-OFDM – Transceiver Architecture, IFFT/ FFT Processing and Performance