Photoluminescence Setup SOP

1. Switch ON the main switch .

2. Except PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) , switch ON power to UPS, Monitor & UV lamp.

3. Wait for 2 mins then switch ON main lamp switch, then wait for 20 mins for UV lamp warm up.

4. Place the sample in holder, ON the PMT.

5. Open Instrument Control Center software , initialize the hardware.

6. Click NO to Bring hardware to last position dialogue box.

7. Click on Run experiment icon à Spectra Max 32 for windows à Mono 1 scan PMT àData filesàYour folder in D driveàassign a file name.

(Make a folder by your name in D drive of the computer to save data).

8. Put the values of scan range, integration time , increment .

9. Assign the value of excitation wavelength.

10. Switch OFF the light of the room and open the three slits.

11. Click the Run button in software, spectra will be generated.

12.Close the three slits and then ON the light of the room.

Data extraction

13. Go to FileàImport exportàExportàSelect your folderàselect AllàOKàOK

14. Exit softwareàSwitch OFF UV lampàRemain power ON for 30 mins for cooling UV lamp.

15. Switch OFF Mains power.