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Where the advantage goes beyond the realm of Materials!

Material Advantage is a premier membership option for students to make the most of their Materials Engineering experience !

Material Advantage provides a single low-cost membership which allows students to access resources and gain invaluable benefits from the most preeminent societies.

  • ASM International – The Materials Information Society
  • ACerS – The American Ceramic Society
  • AIST – Association for Iron & Steel Technology
  • TMS – The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society

Membership Benefits

Student Stipends

Serve as Student monitor during TMS, ASM Conferences and receive stipend of US$20 per session.

Travel Grants

Eligibility to claim $500 travel grants (for Chapter) twice in an year (one by TMS and another one by ASM headquarters).


Unmatched networking opportunities for internships, job-opportunities and post-doctoral research.

Portal Access

Access to ASM Handbooks on the student website portal.

Conference Grants

Eligibility to apply for individual travel grant (up to US$ 500) to attend their conferences.


Eligibility to participate in various competitions.

and much more..

Why Join Materials Advantage ?

Hear it directly from our members, who provide their own specific perspectives.

Shipra Bajpai

I have been associated with MA advantage since the past 3 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this great community at IITK. I’ve found tremendous value in being a member, specifically being able to organize various events, participate in international events and connect me to material science community at large.

— Shipra Bajpai, PhD Scholar.
Ambreen Nisar

Being a part of MA was my first time being a part of any team which groomed me to later lead the same team says it all. Looking back, I always think not being a part of MA@IIT Kanpur would just have made me earn my PhD degree which only demonstrates my independent working ethics and critical thinking capabilities but not a mentor.

— Ambreen Nisar, PhD.
Arjak Bhattacharjee

I have been associated with MA since 2016. MA@IITK has given me an excellent networking opportunity among the materials science community leaders across the globe. I have had the opportunity to direct a documentrary on ceramics “oneness with the infinite” and present my work at international conferences and travel with grants provided by MA. MA gave me an unparallel opportunity to interact with professors and students from various US universities, which later converted to my PhD offer letter at four different US Universities. Basically, I owe my US PhD position to MA@IITK!.

— Arjak Bhattacharjee, PhD scholar, Washington State University, USA
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Things people often ask about.

Why join MA during the membership drive?

There are many events, organised by Material Advantage during the membership drive, by attending these events interested students can avail an attractive discount on membership and also one can come to know what material advantage is and how it is beneficial to them.

Can I avail a discount on membership fees?

Yes, you totally can! by attending the maximum events during membership drive. To avail maximum discount, attend all the events during membership drive.

What benefits will get being a MA member?
  • Access to over 20 journals through ASM.
  • The option to post your resume and search jobs through ASM CarrerHub.
  • Discounted registration fees and travel grants for conferences taking place nationally and internationally.
  • Amazing networking opportunities and much more.
Can a friend of mine who is not a student of IITK join MA@IITK ?

Yes, they can be a part of MA@IITK as an outreach member provided he/she is registered as a Material Science and Enginnering student in other insitution.

Can students of other departments join Material Advantage ?

Yes, surely they can if their work is related to materials.

I need help with registration.

We have created a PDF document, to guide you with signup process. After you are done signing up please fill in the this form , membership discounts will be reimbursed only after filling the google form based on the MA memberID generated. Kindly send a copy of your mail to us on

In case you require additional help, please reach out to us we will have one of our team member guide you over zoom.

Haven't found anwers to what you were looking for ?

Our team is there to help you. Fill out the form and our team member will get back to you.

Become a memeber today!

New members who sign up during the membership drive will receive a $10 discount off of the membership.

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MA Membership
$ 15 / annum

Get a 30% discount on signing up during the Membership drive.

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* After you are done signing up please fill in this form ,membership discounts will be reimbursed only after filling the google form based on the MA memberID generated. Kindly send a copy of your mail to us on .