Four members (Ms. Shipra Bajpai, Mr. Vivek Verma, Mr. Prince Setia and Ms. Chinmayee Nayak) of Material Advantage, IIT Kanpur Chapter have received a sponsorship of $ 500 for attending the annual TMS meeting held on 23-27 Feb, 2020, San Diego, California, USA.

MA@IIT Kanpur has also received a 'Pizza Grant' from AIST for the chapter meeting (Won 100$ sponsorship from winning event) which took place on 18 Dec, 2019 at L14.

Participation and presentation in MS&T 2019

Material Advantage (MA) @ IIT Kanpur Chapter has won the Most Students Recruited Award (300% increase in members) for the 2019 Material Advantage Fall Membership Challenge, competing with more than 100 material advantage student chapters worldwide, and being awarded US$1000 from the Material Advantage chapter (i.e., ASM International).


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