Departmental Committees 2019-2020

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

21 August, 2019

The following Departmental Committees have been constituted for the session 2019 – 2020

1. Faculty Meeting Convener AU
3. DPGC SB (Convenor), DM, AnG, NPG
4. DUGC KK (Convenor), SS, ShS, RM
5. Member, Senate Library Committee AU
5. Software labs + Departmental Website/Social Media SSS+RM
6. MSE Seminars SKJ
7. Member, Students Placement Committee SO
8. MSES Advisor (UG & PG) SO & SKJ
9. Space G, AKS, ShS
10. Budget SS, AG, KrB
11. Department Annual Report & Director's report SI
12. Staff Affairs KaB, VV, SI
13. Summer Training & Internship(SURGE) NPG
14. Dept. IRDC Representative KM
15. Dept. DORA Representative AG
16. Summer & Winter Edu. Tour VV (Summer), KM (Winter)
17. MSE Awards committee KrB (Convenor), DM, G, SSS
18. IPDF committee AS (Convenor), KM, SI, AnG
19. Faculty Search Committee TM (Convenor), KK, KaB, SB, BBA