About Us

The Electron Microscope Facility (EM Facility) comprises a FEI Tecnai T20 Ultra Twin Transmission Electron Microscope. This microscope equipped with STEM detector, EDS detector, HAADF detector and Gatan digital imaging system. This microscope fitted with thermionic Gun compatible with W and LaB6, which operates at 200 kV.
This analytical TEM provides nearly complete microstructural analysis such as imaging, micro-diffraction, nano-diffraction, CBED, lattice imaging, elemental analysis, STEM imaging, HAADF imaging for range of materials including metals, ceramics, semiconductors, thin films, polymers and biological materials. This machine attains a maximum resolution of 1.4A° and the magnification extends up to 1 MX.
This facility includes additional sample preparation tools such as Dimple grinder, Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS) and advanced Plasma cleaning system.
This facility is mainly used for research purpose as well as teaching. Apart from IITK users, this facility also opened for the users from other academic institutions, national research labs and industries.